The State of Global Cryptocurrency Regulation:

If ever we needed the scales of justice to balance, it is now as governments around the world ponder cryptocurrency legislation. What we need is just enough regulation to protect consumers, but not so much that it stifles job creating innovation. At times there seems to be very little regulatory unity around the world, with attitudes and laws going from one extreme to another. From a wait and see approach, or the eager approval of financial products such as bitcoin ETFs, to the opposite extreme where simply using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can lead to a stiff jail sentence.


If you are looking for information on regulations in a particular country, check the following:


Digital Currencies: International Actions and Regulations

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The ICO Conundrum: A Challenge Beyond the SEC Mandate

Initial coin offerings have been in the news quite a bit in recent months, as blockchain and digital currency startups have become increasingly reliant on them for their capital formation needs. By some estimates, more than 4 billion dollars in capital have been raised using this funding mechanism. The fact is that ICOs have become an increasingly popular option for raising capital. However, that popularity has been accompanied by increased government scrutiny.


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