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The DNotes ecosystem is designed with the view that saving and investment are important aspects of long-term macroeconomic stability and personal financial health, and that security is a prerequisite to infrastructural simplicity.

DNotes Vault was created in late 2014 as a robust web-accessible fortress for users to simply and securely store DNotes, with all deposits protected by a guarantee fund. In 2015 DNotes released a range of customized CRISP or “Cryptocurrency Investment Saving Plans” to give DNotes Vault users the opportunity to earn interest on their deposits.

DNotes 2.0 has expanded this feature to all DNotes users by awarding them interest directly from the blockchain. Each depositor at a DNotes address will earn interest of 0.5% every 30 days (6% annualized). CRISP rewards can be earned in conjunction with the Proof-Of-Stake reward, where users can earn a minimum of 2% annual interest on their DNotes balance.

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Next-Gen Venture Capital

We Fund your Funding Efforts with up to $3,000,000. Depending on the program, the preparation and the funding process can be quite expensive that most fledgling companies cannot afford. We are there all the way through venture capital, crowdfunding, ICO, Reg. A+ Mini-IPO, and other best means of adequately funding your company.

We work with you and your team to evaluate your entire company as a complete system, and then offer recommendations and strategies for improvements.

Our partners will be connected to our network of marketing, design, and other professional services that can help take your business to the next level of success.

We work with top management to redefine your vision to ensure that it can be clearly and consistently articulated in a clear and easily-understood way that inspires buy-in from everyone on your team.

DNotes Global inc. firmly believes that our venture capital division can solve many of the problems confronting proponents of digital currency mass adoption in global commerce.

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