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Frequently Asked Questions

What is new with DNotes 2.0?

DNotes 2.0 is a major improvement on the original DNotes blockchain. The new blockchain will allow DNotes and its partner company DNotes Global to achieve its objective to connect DNotes to the modern world of finance and commerce. The new blockchain is faster, more secure, and consumes only a fraction of the electricity. It also allows custom invoices to be created and attached to transactions, and changes the economic incentives of the network to one that encourages savings with the switch to the Proof-Of-Stake algorithm, and paying 0.5% interest on balances that haven’t moved from a wallet address in a 30 day period (~6% per annum).


2% Annualized Staking Reward
Individual blocks reward will be Total Coins / 525,600
60 Second Block Target
0.005 Transaction Fee
Source: https://github.com/DNotesCoin/DNotes2.0
Download Wallet: https://github.com/DNotesCoin/DNotes2.0/releases/tag/v2.0.0.0
Directory DNotes2 (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\DNotes2 on Windows)
CONF dnotes.conf (all lower case)

DNotes 2.0 Features
Switch to PoS
CRISP Reward – 0.5% interest every 30 days. Awarded by address. Calculated on a 30 day cycle.
Automated Invoicing (First Phase) – Integrated blockchain invoice number

There will be a soft deadline where DNotes mined after that block will not be redeemable for 2.0 coins:
Block# 2180897
133,574,552 Will be the total swappable amount of DNotes we create
+20,000,000 Allocated to DNotes Global, Inc for Development & Growth Fund
153,574,552 Total DNotes 2.0 Created

The next update (TBD) will include:
Deferred Staking

How do I swap my coins?

DNotes stored on the DNotesVault are automatically swapped for you, you don’t need to take any action as the swap process has been done on your behalf.

For new coins you would like to swap, from an exchange, a local wallet, paper wallet, that were not already located on the DNotesVault:

If you do not already have a DNotesVault account, register here: https://dnotesvault.com/register
Login to your DNotesVault account.
Click “historic” at the top.
If you don’t have any addresses yet, click create address.
Send your old DNotes to one of your historical addresses.
The DNotes you send will then be converted to the new DNotes 2.0 coins, and will show in your new DNotes wallet under “dashboard” after we have completed the swap process.
Note: Please allow some time for this process to complete.

I had a DNotes Vault account with DNotes in it before the swap. Have my old DNotes been swapped into the new coins?

Yes. We have taken care of swapping all coins held at the DNotes Vault at the time of the upgrade. You don’t need to take any action.

I found some DNotes from the old blockchain, can I still swap them for the new DNotes tokens?

Yes, we will continue to run the old blockchain and give a reasonable period of time for people to swap their DNotes to the new DNotes 2.0 tokens. We recommend that users take action to swap their coins as soon as possible, and may treat swaps on a case by case basis.

I have a paper wallet. How do I turn them into the new coins?

You will need to download the DNotes v1.2 software, and then use the importprivkey command in the debug console. Once your wallet is updated, you will be able to send out your DNotes.

What is the cutoff date for mined DNotes that can be swapped to the new DNotes blockchain?

We have set April 16th as the soft deadline. No DNotes mined after this date will be eligible to be swapped to DNotes running on the new blockchain. We will continue swap DNotes after that date, however the process will not be as easy and will take more time.

What is Staking?

Staking your coins helps to support the DNotes network, and the network currently pays out roughly 5 DNotes every minute to one address on the network based on a probability that centers on how many coins the user is staking with as a percentage of the total number of coins being staked on the network. The DNotes network pays out ~2% of the total number of coins per annum. If 100% of DNotes were being used to stake on the network, then by probability each user could expect 2% growth in the number of coins they have. If only 50% of coins are used to stake, then those users could expect approximately 4% growth that year.

Can I stake my coins on the DNotesVault?

You cannot currently stake your coins that are on the DNotesVault, you will need to withdraw your DNotes 2.0 to a local wallet and stake your coins from your local wallet. We will in a future release incorporate cold staking, which will allow you stake your coins while they are safely tucked away inside the DNotesVault. However, we do not have an ETA, it will be one of our highest priorities for next upgrades.

How do I stake?

Disclaimer: It is recommended that you properly secure your computer and wallet, as well as make proper backups, before attempting to run your own staking wallet. Failure to properly secure your DNotes may result in loss or theft. If you are not familiar with the process, please start off small and familiarize yourself with the process.

You will need to download the DNotes QT wallet here: https://github.com/DNotesCoin/DNotes2.0/releases/tag/v2.0.0.0

Install the wallet (and we recommend creating a backup)
Go to settings, and then ‘encrypt wallet’. Enter your password twice (and do NOT forget it, or you will not be able to access the wallet and we can not help you).
Go to settings, and then ‘unlock wallet’, enter your password, and select “for staking only”. This will prevent any transfers from being made from your wallet without the password while you stake your coins.
Soon the arrow at the bottom will turn green. This means that your coins are now staking.

You can watch a video of these steps here from our alpha release here:

How do I earn the interest reward?

Our Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plan (CRISP) payouts occur approximately once per month. All coins that haven’t moved address during that month period will accrue a 0.5% interest, which compounds to roughly 6.17% per annum. If you move your coins during that time, those coins will not receive the interest for that month.

What exchanges are DNotes listed on?

Cryptopia, Nova, Yobit, & Trade By Trade

Will DNotes 2.0 be listed on new exchanges?

The DNotes team are working to get DNotes listed on new and larger exchanges.

When will Cryptopia relist DNotes 2.0?

Cryptopia is starting the delisting process and they have advised they will connect us with their relisting team once the DNotes have been removed from the exchange, in order to prevent confusion.

Are the new DNotes 2.0 coins worth the same as the old coins?

Yes, they are worth exactly the same. However we can not predict what price movements will occur at exchanges once DNotes is relisted using the new coins.

I have DNotes on the exchange, do I need to remove them from the exchange?

Yes, as soon as possible. Please see “How do I swap my coins?”

I have Mac or Specific Linux OS, will there be wallets for these?

Yes, these are among our high priority items to get done as soon as possible.

Importing Private Keys

STEP 1 - Download The DNotes Wallet (DNotes-QT.exe)

STEP 2 - Open The DNotes Wallet (DNotes-QT.exe)

STEP 3 - When The Wallet Is Fully Synchronized, Open "Debug Window"

STEP 4 - Go To Console & Type "importprivkey" Followed By One Space And The Private Key, Then Hit Enter

Congratulations, Your DNotes Are Now In Your Wallet

DNotes Global Inc.

DNotes Global is creating a financial payments ecosystem that removes the need for third party intermediaries and the obstacles they come with by vertically integrating all their services into one cohesive ecosystem. The financial components of DNotes’ expansion plans for this ecosystem include the integration of a decentralized exchange & marketplace, fiat exchange, bank, global payment network, and multi-currency cards for the frictionless transfer of digital cash throughout the world economy, either into other digital assets or fiat money. This frictionless infrastructure will allow DNotes users a full array of financial services that enable them to save, store, spend, accept, convert, and transfer DNotes faster, cheaper and easier than fiat currency.   – DNotes whitepaper

Four Pillars of Business Success

A book written by DNotes’ CEO Alan Yong, drawing on his 40-year business career to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, and managers learn to develop the strong foundation every business needs to be the best in its class. The book provides key insights and strategies that can be used to overcome many of the most common strategic and operational business challenges. DNotes Global is building a subscription-based portal for Four Pillars, offering exclusive videos, articles, and case studies that utilize the concepts taught in the book. All proceeds from the entity are returned to DNotes Global Inc.
Four Pillars will work with DNotes’ consulting services and a key component of NextGenVC to include business mentorship programs, and work as a written handbook to partner firms. DNotes consulting services will be available and advertised to potential clients and subscribers —  who will be more likely to choose DNotes Global as their enterprise partner after interacting with Four Pillars.

Digital Currency Executive Brief - DCEBrief

Digital Currency Executive Brief is a news outlet that focuses on bringing objective FinTech and cryptocurrency news and education to mainstream readers, utilizing “Executive Summary” without fluff and filler. DNotes Global plans to expand DCEBrief into a full publishing, advertising and Press Release distribution service.
The goal for DCEBrief is to realize its potential as a comprehensive resource for not just industry news, but education and outreach as well. As we expand DCEBrief’s news and publishing scope, we will also focus on developing the site as an educational platform to provide readers with the information they need to better understand the cryptocurrency revolution and how it impacts their lives.
Those efforts will also make DCEBrief an ideal platform for our outreach efforts.  Outreach to consumers, businesses, policy-makers, and industry peers will be vital to achieving DNotes’ goal of becoming a trusted and inclusive digital currency for people everywhere.