Calling Out Vaporware In Cryptocurrency and ICO’s

ICO’s are notorious for being an easy method to deploy scams, but with a little basic due diligence any investor can avoid these scams with confidence, and ensure that they are not enabling the wrong people. Some groups have raised billions of dollars with...

NewsBTC – Almost Half of the World’s Top Universities Offer Cryptocurrency or Blockchain Courses

Originally published on NewsBTC by author Cole Petersen   According to new research conducted by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and research firm Qriously, 42% of the world’s top 50 universities are now offering at least one course in the realm of...

Next-Gen Investing

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to classify investments into a particular type as the lines are beginning to blur between those we associate with being traditional, and those that were considered alternative. Once stodgy pension funds may now be...

DNotes Global, Inc. Announces Partnership with Geneca for Blockchain Technology Development

Republished With Expressed Consent from DNotes   CHICAGO, Illinois – December 26, 2017 – DNotes Global, Inc. has announced a new partnership with technology consulting firm Geneca. The move will expand the company’s development team as it prepares to launch DNotes 2.0...

The Elephant in the Room: Cryptocurrency’s Massive Bubble(s)

There has been some consensus developing among experts that cryptocurrency is experiencing a bubble. What sort of bubble we are dealing with remains to be seen, and there are varying opinions on this complex matter. While the industry as a whole has barely begun to...


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