The DNotesEDU platform provides everyone with free access to reliable, easy to understand educational material on cryptocurrency. It addresses many of the issues that have prevented much of the public from understanding and trusting cryptocurrency. Stumbling blocks such as a lack of technical knowledge or financial literacy have been addressed by providing an engaging variety of entry level videos, guides, and other material on both cryptocurrency and personal finance. The strategic use of modules and sub-modules breaks down the learning experience into easily digestible segments and starts connecting the dots to show how integrated all aspects of cryptocurrency and the financial world will become. This module type format also allows anyone at any level of competence to navigate easily between topics of interest.


DNotesEDU is helping with the current lack of investor protection within the industry by educating investors on how to assess risks and identify potential red flags in cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings. ICOs that are facing tough regulatory scrutiny are extremely risky, and investors need to know how these regulations will affect their investment.


Unique to DNotesEDU, and key to building investor trust and protection within the industry, is the Cryptocurrency & ICO Screening Guide for Investors. The guide helps the investor do their own evaluation of potential investments, as well as making them aware of some of the hidden risks. Security risks have been addressed with a basic introduction to “Online Security & Fraud Protection”, meant to raise awareness of the ever-present danger of financial or identity theft.


The educational material provided at DNotesEDU is meant to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make sound cryptocurrency investments. The current gap between what the average mainstream investor finds easy to understand, and what the industry offers as beginner friendly material, has been filled by utilizing one of the key strengths of DNotes EDU – talking to people at a level they understand. Providing this first step now ensures no one is left behind as we move to a world of digital currency. See – If Cryptocurrency Confuses you… Start Here

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