For an industry that touts a high level of privacy as a major selling point, all existing cryptocurrency merchant services are anything but private. To accept cryptocurrency payments with services provided by leading companies such as Coinbase and BitPay, a merchant needs to sign up for an account and provide extensive personal information about themselves and their business. Services such as these also hold a merchant’s cryptocurrency on their server, and then the merchant has to request payment to their own wallet.
DNotes Pay is different. DNotes Pay allows merchants to start accepting cryptocurrency payments without any sign up, and without needing to provide any personal information. DNotes Pay does not discriminate against the estimated 4 billion people on earth who do not have a physical address. Having a physical address is required for merchants to utilize payment processing services offered by BitPay and Coinbase.
Instead of acting as a middleman like other payment processors do, merchants utilizing DNotes Pay are in control of their DNotes from the second they receive payment from a customer. When a customer makes a purchase using DNotes, that money goes directly into their wallet, and is never possessed by a third party. DNotes Pay has created a direct bridge from customer to business.
DNotes Pay also enables merchants to accept micropayments worth under one penny (at current transaction fee costs). In developing nations, this low price entry point is an integral key in including lower income communities in the global economy. If the price of a transaction is too high, their community simply can not use the currency. Bitcoin’s average transaction fee is currently 62 cents, and has reached highs of over 50 dollars per transaction. Since over 1 billion people on earth live on less than a dollar a day, it is nearly impossible for them to pay such high transaction fees.
It is clear that while many in the industry may pay lip service to individual privacy and financial inclusiveness, only DNotes has followed through. For more information on DNotes Pay, be sure to check out the following resources: