Cryptocurrency education has undergone a noticeable shift over the past several years. Cryptocurrency education started out as discussions on forums like Bitcointalk, which was then chalked with individuals who relied on group problem solving to address some of the most crucial engineering challenges facing the industry. New users were forced to scour the internet for hundreds of hours trying to learn the ins and outs, trying to discern fact from fiction with little prior knowledge. The earliest cryptocurrency education was loaded with jargon and took ciphers for the average person to decrypt. For this reason, DNotesEDU was founded in 2015 as a free app available for Android that was designed to show users the benefits to cryptocurrency, as well as teach them basic concepts and terminology. As more organizations began to realize the significance of cryptocurrency education, so did bad actors, many using cryptocurrency education as a tool to bilk money from unwitting investors. This trend drove DNotesEDU to adapt rapidly, and deliver information designed to protect investors, providing more tools for them to conduct their own due diligence on projects. Their are many other cryptocurrency education sources available and we commend them all for their efforts in helping educate the public by keeping the facts straight.


In 2018 cryptocurrency has reached fever pitch, and has become so popular that many established schools are even trying to stay ahead of the curve by educating their pupils on the topic.