A recent report found that U.S. consumers have hit a seven-year high in overdue credit card payments. Borrowers are now distressed on $11.9 billion in credit card debt.

It’s not exactly breaking news that Americans enjoy swiping their plastic, sometimes above their means. And racking up credit card debt you can’t repay comes with obvious financial ramifications, including a tanking credit score and a path toward bankruptcy.

But is credit card debt causing more than​ just financial ruin?

To see how deep debt can cut, LendEDU conducted a survey of 1,000 credit card holders in the U.S. who were, at the time of the survey, carrying a balance of more than $5,000.

Key Credit Card Debt Findings

  • The average respondent held a credit card debt balance of $13,884
  • 49.6% of respondents did not learn about credit card usage at the high school or college level
  • 54.5% of respondents have explored the idea of using a personal loan to pay off their credit card debt
  • 82.2% of respondents are actively trying to pay down their credit card debt, 15% are not
  • 60.6% of respondents believe they will be able to become credit card debt-free, 22.2% do not, and 17.2% are unsure

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