I know you are the single smartest investor in the world, and that new car you bought 2 weeks ago is sure to regain the depreciation in a few decades when it becomes a collectors item. But the sad truth is, most people really have no clue when it comes to investing for their future. They think most rich people got lucky, were born that way, or are part of some pre-determined secret world order. The truth is, most of these people simply realized the power of compound interest early in life and exploited it to the fullest.


For a very simple example, let’s say hypothetically you were a dirt poor farmer with one single seed, which you plant and harvest at the end of the year. That plant produces 10 seeds at the end of the year. Now you have 10 seeds starting out your second year, therefore now have 10 plants. Well those 10 plants each produce 10 seeds, and at the beginning of your third year you have 100 seeds. This trend continues and after 4 years you have 1000 seeds, 10,000 seeds after 5 years, and so on. So granted you don’t start eating all your seeds in the first couple years, you are certainly sitting on a nice stash now. Much to the envy of your seedless neighbor who ate 9 seeds at the beginning of every year, and now only has 1 when you are sitting on 10,000.


But I understand that many people are afraid of dirt, and would like somewhere that they can just park their hard earned money, collecting compound interest without getting dirt under their fingernails. That’s where DNotes comes in. DNotes offers 6% annual interest compound monthly on their Cryptocurrency investment savings plan, an automated payout to all stakeholders with a funded address on the DNotes blockchain, who didn’t move their DNotes for 30 days prior to CRISP payout. An additional 2% (may be higher depending on network participation) can be earned for helping secure the network through staking.


Let’s take a look at how many DNotes you would have in the future if you bought 1000 today:

After 10 years – 2,219 DNotes

After 40 years – 24,273 DNotes (Not a bad retirement)

After 200 years – 8,426,588 DNotes (Best great great great great great grandparents ever!)


For more information on compound interest, please check out the DNotesEDU Compound Interest module.