Emergencies arrive with very little warning, and it is often their suddenness that makes them so stressful. Without warning or any time to prepare (and in some cases prevent), you may find yourself in an unbearably stressful situation. A job loss, medical crisis, natural disaster, or running out of savings, may put you in situation where you can’t pay bills or buy food for your family. Below is a list of organizations you can contact for help:

Help for Families With Children:

Crowdfunding – Help Someone Deal with a  Financial Emergency

Crowdfunding is a method of fundraising that utilizes the internet and social media to reach a large pool of donators. It can be used to raise money for various projects, events, charities, and costly personal crises that are often medical in nature.

  • GoFundMe – For Accidents & Emergencies
  • You Caring – Crowdfunding for Humanitarian Causes
  • HEALfundr – Crowdfunding for Medical Needs