A cryptocurrency faucet derives its name from the fact that it “drips” tiny amounts of a particular ‘coin’ into your wallet. Faucets aren’t going to make you rich, and a lot of people within the industry say they are not worth the time and effort. What they are missing is the educational potential of trying out cryptocurrency with no risk to your money. This is a good place to find out that bitcoin doesn’t bite, as well as to have your first experience with exchanges, wallets, and some of the different currencies.

Cryptocurrency has a very steep learning curve for most people, and a faucet that gives free ‘bits’ of coins is a good place to start.

For cryptocurrency to be successful, it has to be accessible to everyone, including those that have no money at all. Having faucets and other giveaways will give everyone around the world the opportunity to start in cryptocurrency without risking what little money they may have. There are dozens of faucet sites you can check out if you choose to. We have chosen a few of the more popular ones to show as an example.