There is a lot to learn just covering the basics of cryptocurrency and how to buy your first bitcoin. Even though you may have told yourself you can handle the risk and volatility, when you finally attempt trading cryptocurrency on an exchange, your stomach may tell you otherwise. Volatility is what traders rely on to make money, and on any given day individual cryptocurrencies could be going up or down anywhere from 5 – 50% (or more). There may be a hundred or more cryptocurrencies trading on a particular exchange, and each one may have multiple trading pairs. Without a little practise beforehand, the experience can be so overwhelming, you may feel like giving up before you even start. What you need is a controlled place to practise that doesn’t involve risk to your money.

Coins2learn offers a free cryptocurrency trading simulator that follows market prices updated in real time. There are many educational and financial benefits of using a simulator like this, including:


  • No financial risk
  • An introduction to investment concepts
  • Overcome your ‘fear’ of Bitcoin
  • How cryptocurrencies are traded
  • Discover trading strategies
  • No-cost lessons from mistakes
  • Learn about market volatility
  • An introduction to specific cryptocurrencies
  • How news (good or bad) affects prices

“Trading through a simulator enables you to gain valuable experience and confidence trading cryptocurrencies without risking real money.”


After signing up, you are given $10,000 of ‘play money’ to start trading. One of the best features for beginners is the ability to erase trading mistakes with the “reset your balance” button, located in “settings”. It erases all trades and takes you back to your initial $10,000 ‘play money’ balance. There is no ‘do-over’ button in real life investing, so take advantage of it while learning about cryptocurrency. There is a Chat box to ask questions or interact with other traders, and for those with a competitive streak:

“Join our global league and compete with players around the world. Climb the rankings to earn monthly prizes! Finish among the Top 100 players in the Global League and you’ll be rewarded with real Bitcoins & altcoins.”

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