Have you ever accidentally deleted your worthless cryptocurrency wallet, only to realize that years after you deleted it, the value soared? Well you aren’t alone, and here is a guide that actually gives you a chance of recovering deleted wallet.dat files. If you deleted the wallet prior to the last automatically generated Windows restore point, you may just want try restoring your PC to a previous version before attempting this process, as the deep scan can take several hours.


1. Download recovery software free trial on the computer you deleted the wallet from. WINDOWS DOWNLOADMAC DOWNLOAD


2. Install the software and open after installation is complete.


3. Select the drive you wish to recover from, C is most common unless you have multiple hard drives.



4. Scan your PC, this process can take several hours.



5. If you have located the missing wallet, it is likely worth upgrading to the full version to recover your file, depending on the value tradeoff.

NOTE: Some antivirus software can remove data that would have otherwise been recoverable.