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Destination: Success

Why Where You Are Now Matters Less Than Where You’re Going

In our common quest for a better life, we all experience times of frustration and feelings of helplessness. Those things are almost unavoidable. Still, we can all agree that certain things hold true for every one of us, including one truth that none of us should ever forget: where we are now matters far less than where we are going. After all, there are few opportunities to correct past mistakes or regain missed opportunities.

We can, however, learn from that history and those past errors. We can also gain insight and wisdom from others who have gone down the same path before us. To do so requires an awareness of our shortcomings and a willingness and commitment to change.

Life can be challenging, and it’s often more challenging for some than others. That’s certainly true when it comes to entrepreneurs. Most small business owners struggle just to keep their doors open. They work long hours, endure hardship and deprivation, and often pay themselves only enough to make ends meet – and sometimes nt even that much. Still, those who do manage to keep their doors open can consider themselves more fortunate than the 80% of their peers whose businesses fail within the first ten years.

Of course, there are also many success stories out there; if there weren’t, no one would ever take the risk of launching a new business. I am mindful also that many reading this have already achieved everything that they desire – both in life and in business. If that describes you, I salute your success and invite you to share your knowledge and insight with us.

I do not believe that long-term business success is something that happens as the result of an accident, or simple good fortune. Some may seem to experience “luck” of that sort, but sustained success doesn’t happen by chance. Instead, you need to know what you want to achieve, and transform that broad goal into a clear vision that can inspire others to support your efforts.

The fact is that many entrepreneurs need a little help and guidance to achieve the success they’re seeking. If you’re passionate about what you are doing, and desire nothing more than to obtain the type of business mastery that will help you be the true architect of your company’s success, then I invite you to read on and share my posts. There will be much, much more to come.

A Fresh Start:

There is nothing that matters more than where you plan to go from here. This given moment in time represents the launching point for your fresh start. If you can take the right path from here, with minimal detours and distractions, you will dramatically improve your chances of reaching your destination – and may even do so far ahead of your planned schedule.

Naturally, you first need to define your goal so that you are sure that you know what you want. Once you’ve identified that broader objective, you can begin work to improve your core strengths. It is, after all, a competitive world. To succeed, you will – at a minimum – need to be equal to your competition. To achieve even that average level of success, you’ll need a strong commitment.

Knowledge is not only power; deep knowledge opens doors of opportunity. It is impossible to know everything, so you need to be sure that you completely know those things that matter most to your business and your success. Learn everything that you can about your niche area of expertise to that you can build your brand on authority and a superior knowledge base. That deep level of knowledge will provide the clarity and confidence you need to expand your sphere of influence, leverage available opportunities as they present themselves, and achieve ultimate success.

Do you already have a clear vision about where you want your company to be 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years from now? If not, work on it. Start with your vision, and that will provide the destination that you are ultimately trying to reach. From there, you work on establishing initial objectives and goals that you want to achieve. Then you develop the winning strategies that can offer you the best opportunity to reach those goals.

As you do so, you will learn to master the art of flawlessly executing your winning strategies, and you’ll make that a reality as often as possible. Obviously, you’ll never achieve perfection. But, as you continually practice to be perfect, you will get closer and closer to achieving that elusive goal.

Where you are going matters. That’s why it is so imperative that you know your ultimate destination and develop the instinctive sensitivity needed to ensure that you stay on the right path, making prompt adjustments and course corrections when necessary. Success in life and in business is a long journey made up of many little steps. They key to successfully reaching your goal is to make each step count.